Ionamin online

Modern pharmaceutical market offers many weight loss drugs these days. Ionamin (Phentermine) used to be one of the most effective and popular weight loss drugs in the USA, Canada and UK.

In different years, Ionamin capsules have appeared and successfully sold first on the U.S. market, then on the UK pharmaceutical market and after that in Canada.

One more country is familiar with Ionamin drug name. It is Australia. In fact, the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) had included Ionamin weight loss drug into its list about twenty years ago. Nonetheless, this anti-obesity medicine is not available within Australia today.

Proqualix pharmaceutical company from Australia produces and distributes Ionamin weight loss drug to several countries of the world, for example to Singapore. Ionamin anti-obesity drug comes in different dosages: Ionamin 15 mg capsules (grey-yellow) and Ionamin 30 mg capsules (yellow).

Unfortunately, Ionamin weight loss capsules have been discontinued, so people cannot buy them in the USA, Canada and UK anymore. However, there are many generic versions of Ionamin today and doctors may prescribe them as alternative to this great anti-obesity agent. These alternative drugs are all based on the same active substance as Ionamin is – Phentermine. People can buy Suprenza, Adipex, Qsymia and many other Ionamin generic drugs today. Please note that weight loss drugs, based on Phentermine are still unavailable in the UK and Canada.

Phentermine is an active substance that was banned for sale within Canada. Therefore, Ionamin as well as Fastin drugs are not sold in Canada today. Previously, Fastin 30mg capsules were available at pharmacies of Canada. But in 2014, these anti-obesity capsules were no longer available.

If you are looking for Ionamin or Duromine weight loss capsules on the UK pharmaceutical market, you will never find it there. Neither Duromine nor Ionamin 15mg and 30mg capsules are available within the UK. In 2014, the UK pharmacies did not sell Phentermine-containing drugs.

If your GP prescribed you Ionamin or any other Phentermine-based pills, but you live in the UK or Canada, you can order Ionamin online. You can buy Ionamin capsules on online pharmacy and this purchase will save you time and money.

NB! Because Phentermine is in the list of controlled drugs, any online purchase and sale of Ionamin is not legal. The active substance Phentermine hydrochloride is a stimulant and may cause some side effects from the central nervous system. Therefore, you can order Ionamin capsules online if you already have a prescription from your doctor. In case you have never placed an online order before, you may contact online pharmacist and ask him how to order Ionamin online.