Ionamin Diet Pills

Phentermine is active substance of Ionamin.
Name: Phentermine – 2-methyl-1-phenylpropan-2-amine.
Synonyms: ionamin, duromine, durominc, adipex.

Classification of action: psychostimulant

Ionamin is a sympathomimetic drug, a derivative of amphetamine, primarily is used to suppress appetite. Ionamin diet pills suppresses appetite by affecting the central nervous system as amphetamine. Typically, it is prescribed to people suffering from obesity, instead of surgical methods. Ionamin drug is realized as in a fast-acting form (adipex) and in the form of resins with prolonged action (ionamin, duromine in Australia and New Zealand).

It is known only one prospective randomized controlled study which lasted more than 6 months where the effectiveness of Ionamin for weight loss was assessed. 108 women with obesity participated in this study, published in 1968. Their therapy consisted of a low-calorie diet (1000 kcal/ day) and/ or daily use of Ionamin diet pills or use of Ionamin and placebo with alternation in a month or only placebo during 36 weeks. 64 patients who took part in the study reduced their weight by 13% as compared with initial indicators.

According to official statistics, the UK doctors wrote out about 20,000 prescriptions for Phentermine (Ionamin) in 1998. However, according to some estimates the real consumption of this drug was significantly higher, since not less than 100,000 of British women took Ionamin diet pills.

Ionamin capsules are used together with the diet, approved by physician and exercise to help significantly to reduce the excess weight (obesity). Taking the drug, you can also prevent weight gain. Weight loss and preservation of achieved result can reduce many diseases risks that come with obesity, including heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and a shorter life expectancy. It is unknown exactly how Ionamin diet pills help people to lose weight. Principle of this therapy is to decrease the appetite that increases the amount of energy used in your body and affecting certain parts of the brain. Ionamin medication is an appetite-suppressant and belongs to a class of drugs called sympathomimetic amines.

Importantly: Before you use Ionamin diet pills, you should consult your doctor.

How to use Ionamin

Ionamin diet pills are used for oral intake. Ionamin drug should be taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor or 30 minutes – 1 hour before breakfast or 1-2 hours after breakfast. It is best to to take this drug in the first half of the day but not before bedtime. Dosage depends on your health state and response to therapy. Your doctor will adjust the drug dose to find the best one for you. Do not forget to take Ionamin diet pills at one and the same time. Possibility of serious side effects increases in prolonged use of Ionamin diet pills and in the use of this drug with other diet medications. In the case of regular and constant use of Ionamin medication you can become addicted to it. In such cases, you can experience depression and fatigue if you stop taking the drug suddenly. In order to stop taking the drug you should reduce Ionamin dosage gradually. You should discuss this issue with your doctor for more detailed information, as well as immidiately tell the doctor about any reactions you experience. Sometimes, there may be an anomalous effect on Ionamin – drug addiction. Stop taking the drug as soon as the doctor tells you to. Do not increase the dose by yourself. Your doctor can advise you to stop taking Ionamin diet pills.